Thursday, November 8, 2007



Huhuu… one of my fav works during my practical at Decimal Point. With littel knowledge about max and guide from company we manage to create 5 ancient ships for the project. Two of them are made by me. It quite long processes but it really gives us a lot of fun in doing it. It starts with the research – sketch (blue print) – hard model – photograph and and with 3D modeling. The main part is to implement this model into the virtual memory but coz of the time of training is too short we only involve into the modeling part only.



Do this during the short semester break. 3 week workshop organizes by MDEC under UNITEN we learn the fundamental about MAYA modeling + with tutorial on net. But honestly, now I completely forget how to use MAYA coz I now more prefer using max :P.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

cerita rakyat Malaysia creative competition

huhuhu if I not wrong, the first version of this competition is u need to create 5 model 3d character base on folk story and there is 5 winner to get 1 prize :P. Now they change a lil bit the format and extend the deadline and the format now u just need to draw the sketch of the character from several view
I think this time maybe I want to join want to it coz it more easy then before > <.
I might put my work herewhen this competition finish then hehee..

Below is lil bit info about the competition

MSC Malaysia is organizing Cerita RAkyat MalaYsia (CERAMY) 2007 – A creative design competition to resuscitate the Malaysian Folklore such as Mahsuri, Hang Tuah, Laksamana Bentan, Puteri Santubong, Pak Pandir and many more, to prevent them from being extinct. Put your creative thinking cap on and start designing the characters of your choice based on Malaysian Folklore. Submission deadline is extended to 15 November 2007.


18 and Above Category
• 1st Prize: RM 15,000
• 2nd Prize: RM 10,000
• 3rd Prize: RM 5,000
• 5 Consolation Prizes: RM 3,000 each

Under18 Category
• 1st Prize: RM 5,000
• 2nd Prize: RM 3,000
• 3rd Prize: RM 1,000
• 5 Consolation Prizes: RM 500 each

more info [link]